Best Android Data Recovery Softwares [Updated 2021]

In this article, we review some of the best Android data recovery softwares that are available in 2021 (both free and paid) along with their features.

Best Android Data Recovery Softwares

Deleting an important file unintentionally and then realizing is later is a situation that can happen to anyone. Chances of such scenario is very common when your are performing hard reset or factory reset operation on your Android device manually or by using Android Multi Tools.

Be it data on your Android smartphone or tablet, if you do not have your data backup, you could be in serious trouble in such situations. However, thanks to data recovery softwares, you can still get your important file or photos back on your Android device.

Working of Android Data Recovery Softwares Explained!

In simple words, data recovery is process or procedure of getting information about a storage device that is not possible with standard means due to deletion or damage of drive.

Android Data Recovery

There are two common technique of data recovery: software based and hardware based. As its name suggests, in software based data recovery, the data recovery softwares basically guess or interpret the structure of storage device and then retrieve the deleted files on your Android device based on that. In contrast, hardware based recovery involve repair or replacement of damaged part of storage medium.

Now that you are aware of the basic working of data recovery softwares, let’s check out some of the best data recovery software available for Android phones and tablets for both its internal and external memory.

#1: dr. fone

Developed by wondershare, dr.fone is one of the most widely used Android data recovery software that has been downloaded and used by over 153 million users. This data recovery software has been there for last 8 years and supports almost all the major brand Android devices.

One of the most advanced feature of dr.fone is its ability to recover range of data including text messages, contacts, videos, photos, WhatsApp messagings and documents.

No matter if you lost data due to accidental deletion or due to hard reset of your Android device, you always have a chance of its recovery with dr.fone.

#2: EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver is another very easy to use Android data recovery software that lets you retrieve the deleted data on your Android device. With EaseUS MobiSaver, you can recovery contacts, text messages, photos, videos, documents and audio file on your Android phone or tablet.

EaseUS MobiSaver supports almost all major brands Android device including Samsung, LG, Vivo, Xiaomi, Tecno, Realme and Oppo.

Not only you can recovery internal data of your Android device with EaseUS MobiSaver, but it also supports SD card.

#3: FonePaw

FonePaw is one of the fastest data recovery software available for Android devices. Besides its speed and easy interface, FonePaw enables its users even recover their Android device phone logs, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp media, phone photos, messages, documents etc.

FonePaw support data recovery of all kind of data and file extensions as well as data lost conditions such as accidental damage, hard reset, ROM flashing or some virus or malware.

This data recovery software does support all the major brands Android phones and tablets and is very light weight utility.


In conclusion, while we do recommend to backup your Android device data before hard reset or any other operation like ROM flashing etc., there is always a room for mishap. However, thanks to data recovery softwares, you still have a chance to recover your important lost or delete data on Android devices.

If you are facing any issue with using aforementioned Android data recovery software to recover your data, feel free to contact us with your problem and we will try to get back to you with solution ASAP!

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